5 things to include in your morning routine to kick start your day

If you’ve been feeling stressed out, tired or just overwhelmed by all the events of 2021, you’re not alone. We’ve been lucky to receive some handy tips from Claire from @vanlifestraya that will help you ease into a routine and stay in top form! Check out Claire’s top 5 tips below:

Being a mum, trying to balance work, house chores and a little human is tough, I’m not going to lie. So my needs often (always) seem to come last. Even a shower can feel like a giant feat some days.

I wanted to share some tips that really help me, especially in this early phase of motherhood. Of course, these activities are great for anyone at any life stage.

  1. Hot Lemon Water

This simple drink not only keeps you hydrated every morning but it is also good at getting your digestive system working by helping your liver produce bile. Say goodbye to constipation! To make this drink, boil some water in a kettle, like with this gorgeous Smeg 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle. Once the water is boiled, add some to a mug with a squeeze of lemon and stir.

  1. Movement

Movement is medicine and the health benefits are honestly endless. You don’t have to do a gruelling workout or any structured exercise for that matter. Just simple daily movements. Go for a walk or do a few stretches.

  1. Connection

Whether it’s a text to tell someone you love them or a cuddle from a loved one, daily connection is so important. Connection is imperative for mental health and even helps dramatically improve feelings of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

  1. Stillness

I know this one sounds impossible, especially coming from me – a new mum! But even 5 minutes of alone time, 5 minutes to check in with your breath and calm the mind can bring a myriad of health benefits. Just the simple process of sitting still with no distractions can truly have a transformative effect. It can improve mood, decrease stress levels, and improve your overall mental state.

  1. Grounding

Grounding has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, and it helps to improve sleep and decrease stress levels. You don’t have to go to the beach to get your daily grounding in. You can simply walk barefoot, you can submerge yourself in some water or you can even just lay on the ground.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to kick start your morning. To see more of Claire’s tips and life with hubby Luke and baby Beau, find them on Instagram @vanlifestraya. And don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page @nationalproductreview to get all the latest on new product releases, giveaways, recipes and more!

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