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How To: Create a Greener Home

Creating a greener home is easier than you think with help from efficient appliances from top brands like Samsung and LG.

A small difference at home adds up when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the natural environment. In an effort to become more environmentally-friendly and sustainable, we share some tips and tricks your household can adopt to become ‘greener’. In this article, we also outline how some of our top energy and water efficient appliances can help keep your household’s consumption down.


Step 1: Adopt eco-friendly habits at home

Below are some easy ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint:

  • Turn off appliances when not in use
  • Use less water and energy
  • Reduce food waste
  • Warm or cool down naturally
  • Don’t wash until full: works for the washing machine & dishwasher
  • Use longer, repurpose and repair items/clothes
  • 3 Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle

Step 2: Use smarter technologies & eco modes

Most of which can be found in energy-heavy home appliances like fridges, washing machines and clothes dryers.

Step 3: Check our suite of sustainability articles, tips & tricks

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Step 4: Invest in efficient appliances

Designed to reduce consumption and increase efficiency at home, keep an eye out for an appliance’s energy and water (WELS) ratings which indicates its efficiency. Be inspired by our favourite efficient appliances below.

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Reduce Food Waste with Samsung’s 636L French Door Fridge – Black

Not only designed for cooling food, Samsung’s spacious 636L Family Hub™ French Door Fridge is the ultimate tool in helping you eliminate food waste. See how this smart, family and entertainer-friendly fridge can help you achieve greener food management in the kitchen.

1. Shop Your Fridge with An Insider Look
The fridge’s built-in camera 1 and AI Vision Inside function 2 intelligently detects up to 33 types of fresh food items put in or taken out to help you manage your food list 3. When you can see what’s inside the fridge, at home or away, it makes it easier to meal plan and cook with what you have.

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2. Customised Storage Ensures Lasting Freshness
Cool or freeze food the way it needs to be kept for lasting freshness with this fridge’s CoolSelect+ Flex Zone. The customisable zone offers 5 pre-set modes so that you can adjust ­­cooling conditions to suit your food whether that’s fruit & veg, fish & meat, deli snacks, drinks or whatever else finds its way to your kitchen!

Pick from pre-set modes including:

  • Freeze (-23 to -15°C)
  • Soft Freeze (-5°C)
  • Meat & Fish (-1°C)
  • Fruits & Veggies (2°C)
  • Beverage (4°C)

3. Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles with the Internal Beverage Centre™

Buying water will be a thing of the past as the whole family can stay hydrated with this Samsung French Door Fridge’s Internal Beverage Centre™. There’s so much to love about the Internal Beverage Centre™:

  • Plumbed water dispenser provides instant, filtered drinking water
  • Autofill 1.4L infuser jug automatically fills up when in its spot and water can be enhanced by adding fruits and herbs into the infuser

Ice, Ice, Baby
This Samsung French Door Fridge also boasts a Dual Auto Ice Maker in the bottom freezer, producing two types of ice: Cubed Ice and Ice Bites™, catering to all types of drinks.

Wear Garments On & On with Westinghouse’s 10kg Front Load Washing Machine – Grey

Sporting a bigger 10kg washing capacity and with Pause & Add Button, this Westinghouse Front Load Washing Machine reduces consumption by washing more in every load. It’s also powered by a durable, quiet and energy saving Inverter Motor, ensuring a gentle and environmentally-friendly wash. Wash intelligently and enjoy more out of your clothes, bedding, home linen and other garments.

1. 15 Dedicated Wash Programs Has All Garments Covered

Make clothes last longer with dedicated wash cycles that gently cater to all types of garments and fabrics. Wash programs include:

  • Delicate
  • Mixed
  • Eco Cotton
  • Bedding
  • Wool

2. Timed & Fast Cycles Reduces Wash Conditions

Save on resources like water and energy when you wash smaller or lightly soiled loads with this Westinghouse washing machine’s timed and fast cycles:

  • Fast 15: suits up to 1.5kg of lightly soiled synthetics or mixed fabrics
  • Daily 39: suits up to 5.5kg of low soiled daily wear coloured cotton items like shirts, blouses, towels & underwear
  • Full Load 60: suits up to 10kg of normal soiled daily wear coloured cotton items like shirts, blouses, towels & underwear

3. Highly Rated Performance

Aside from its impressive washing capacity and plentiful programs, this Westinghouse 10kg Front Load Washing Machine rates highly when it comes to operation with its 5-Star Energy and 4.5-Star WELS water rating. And since there’s a long 10-year parts and labour warranty on the Inverter Motor, the whole family can make use of this efficient Westinghouse washing machine for longer.

Dry Delicately & Efficiently with Westinghouse’s 8kg Heat Pump Dryer – Grey

If you’re looking for a way to dry clothes without costing the earth, a heat pump dryer is a great appliance to invest in. Since hot air is recycled and reused to dry clothes, a heat pump dryer is the most efficient dryer on the market, like Westinghouse’s family-friendly 8kg Heat Pump Dryer which boasts a high 7-Star Energy Rating.

1. Gentle SenseDry & Heat Pump

This Westinghouse 8kg Heat Pump Dryer recycles and reuses hot air to effectively dry clothes in an energy efficient manner. And with the addition of the SenseDry technology which uses sensors to deliver optimal drying without under or over drying, clothes are protect with reduced damage so that you can use your garments for longer.

2. Targeted drying effort with 13 cycles

When the sun doesn’t shine to naturally dry your clothes or you need a whole new outfit by the day’s end, this Westinghouse Heat Pump Dryer will satisfy with its 13 drying programs which include:

    • Delicate
    • Denim
    • Bedding
    • Eco Cotton
    • Refresh
    • Shirts
    • Mixed
    • Easy Iron

3. Anti-Crease function

Select the Anti-Crease function for less wrinkles on your dried clothes, for little to almost no ironing effort. This Westinghouse 8kg Heat Pump Dryer is an energy efficient and time-saving dryer to love!

Intelligently and Efficiently Wash Up with LG’s 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher – Matte Black

When you’re equipped with the right dishwasher, standing by the sink for hours washing up a whole day’s of dishes will become a thing of the past. The ideal fit for eco-conscious homes, LG’s 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher is the perfect blend of function, efficiency and luxurious design.

1. Powered by Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor

A quiet, energy efficient and durable Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor contributes to this LG dishwasher’s pleasing operation. The proof is in the pudding with the dishwasher’s highly rated 4-Star Energy and 5.5-Star WELS rating.

2. Fit More With Many Wash Options

This LG dishwasher fits more dishes, glass wear, cookware and cutlery in with its 15 place setting. Not only that, with 8 wash programs to choose from including an Energy Saver option, this dishwasher ensures every need can be met.

Other programs to help reduce energy and water consumption includes:

  • Express Cycle (38 Minutes): great for smaller or faster loads when time is precious
  • Half Load (Top/Bottom): use less when washing with half loads

3. Smart ThinQ® App Control

From the other side of the room or when you’re out and about, remotely manage and control this LG 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher with its ThinQ® app compatibility. From your smart device, you can use the ThinQ® app to access extra cycles, diagnose problems and receive notifications about the dishwasher’s progress.


How will you make your home and household more green? Creating an eco-conscious home doesn’t have to mean making changes to everything. With small steps comes small changes (for the better) that you and your household can be proud of. Check out all featured products in the links below to see if they’re the right fit for your home.