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It’s a Visual Wonderland with TCL new 4K TV

If your TV is in need of an update, be ready to be impressed with TCL’s latest 4K TV release – it’s C755 QD-Mini LED  TV.

Say hello to enjoyable entertainment with out-of-this-world visual and audio experiences. No matter what’s on your mind for a night in, TCL’s new QD-Mini LED TV will satisfy. Designed to delight all the senses, this TCL TV boasts a range of visual technologies, complemented by AI, immersive audio and more, delivering impactful entertainment, regardless of who’s watching or what’s on.

In this article, we uncover all the features and functions of the TCL C755 TV, paying close attention to the 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV model which is the ideal size for many household living areas, and it’s perfect for those entering the world of large-screen TVs.

Above: Edge to edge image beauty can be enjoyed with TCL’s C755 QD-Mini LED TV.

What Makes the TCL C755 QD-Mini LED TV So Unique?

TCL’s C755 QD-Mini LED TV is fit for all forms of entertainment – from watching regular TV, movies and gaming to live sports viewing and music enjoyment.

Since it can be used for all forms of entertainment, the TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is perfect for use in common/shared living areas, like within the family home, share houses, small businesses, schools and other public spaces.

How Does the TV Perform Visually?

Ready to entertain any crowd, the TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV showcases pictures with an amazing spectrum of colours, with greater brightness and overall immersive image production. To better understand the TV’s visual performance, let’s have a glance at its technologies:

  • QD-Mini LED TV: short for Quantum Dot Mini (QD-Mini) LED technology, this TCL 65” TV features millions of hues, delivering incredible images with lifelike colours and ultra-high contrast for out-of-this-world viewing
  • HDR 1300 nits: with 1300 nits, the TV projects brighter colours for more immersive images
  • 500+ Local Dimming Zones: the 500+ dimming zones adjusts the backlight and corrects the image’s brightness. allowing for vivid colours, more light and shadow details no matter the scene or the lighting conditions in your space

Above: View incredible scenes with greater brightness thanks to over 500+ dimming zones.

Powered by AI-driven AiPQ Processor 3.0

The TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV uses the power of AI to enhance and optimise images every time for life-like visuals. The AI-powered AiPQ Processor 3.0 performs to enhance images using its:

  • Ai-Contrast: it’s not all dark; enjoy greater contrast with a balance of light and shadow
  • Ai-Colour: colour is tuned, corrected and enhanced for vivid results
  • Ai-Clarity: the processor rebuilds missing details for clear and high definition pictures
  • Ai-HDR: supports a range of HDR formats (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR 10+, HDR10 etc) to deliver enhanced picture quality with brighter colours

Above: The AiPQ Processor 3.0 lets you see more detail with Ai-Clarity


IMAX Enhanced Cinematic Viewing

This IMAX Enhanced TV meets the highest standards in image calibration, resolution, colour, brightness and sound performance amongst other things, delivering cinematic-like enjoyment at home.

Immersive Audio

Boasting both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X audio technologies, immersive sound can be enjoyed like you’re right in the middle of the action. This TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV also features built-in Onkyo 2.1-channel speakers that help to deliver ground-breaking audio.

Faster, Clearer, Better

This TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV perfectly suits fast-paced action and gaming activities.

Boasting a next generation refresh rate of 144Hz VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), images refresh at a rapid pace so that all fast-paced action films, live sports and games can be enjoyed to their fullest.

The TV also features AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro which reduces image tearing and stuttering for clearer visuals during gaming. There’s also a range of gaming modes like Game Picture Mode, 144Hz VRR, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Aiming Aid, as well as Game Master 2.0 which lets you unlock advanced display and audio experiences while you game.

Above: TCL’s C755 QD-Mini LED TV will please all entertainment lovers, gamers included.

Smart, Right at Your Fingertips

Stay connected when using this TCL C755 QD-Mini LED TV with a range of smart functions and intelligent control.

Hop onto calls with the Google Meet app or stream your favourite content from your devices with AirPlay 2 and Multi View 2.0, which has the option to ‘Quad Cast’ with four programs on the one screen.

Voice control compatible with Google Assistant built-in, making changes to entertainment is simple with a voice command via Google Assistant speakers and devices. Just say “Hey Google” and ask for an action of your choice.

Beautiful Design to Elevate any Space

Wall-mounted or displayed on its centre stand feet, the gorgeous, super slim and bezel-less TCL 65” C755 QD-Mini LED TV effortlessly transforms home entertainment and your space, just with its being.