Simple Tips To An Organised And Clean Fridge – Eliminate Time Wasters And Make Cleaning Easy!

Do you find yourself shuffling items around in the fridge to find what you’re looking for? Or have you ever had to clean up a sticky mess on laboured over cleaning the fridge shelves after a spill? Our simple tips will eliminate those annoying timewasters, and have your fridge organised and clean in no time! Have a read of our simple tips below on how to make your fridge and freezer work for you.

Label it up

How many times have you had to open up jars and containers in the fridge trying to figure out what’s in them and how long they’ve been in there? By giving them a label, including with the contents and the date, you’ll save yourself from this annoying waste of time. You can buy labels suitable for the fridge or if you’ve got some budget look at buying containers with its own labelling ability, or if you’re budget conscious, you can stick labels onto containers. Simple as that!

Protect with plastic

A happy fridge is a clean fridge, but let’s face it, it’s not a fun job cleaning it all the time. To make it easier we suggest putting plastic liners on to the shelves and the base of the drawers. Then when it’s time to give your fridge a clean out you simply need to wipe down the liners and replace them periodically.

Lower the protein

A healthy fridge is one that prevents contamination. Keeping raw meats separate from other items is a must. So try puttingto avoid drips and spreading germs, place raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

Freeze it right

No matter your freezer keeping it organised can be tough – from bags of frozen peas to ice cream packets, there are so many different shapes and sizes it’s not an easy task. We recommend using stackable plastic containers to give your freezer space some uniformity. Handy tip: Make sure you label them so you know exactly what’s in them.

Freeze up some space

In many busy households, most days of the week the fridge is full to the brim and maximising the space is a must. This is where the freezer can be your friend. Freeze things like herbs, pasta sauces, slices etc. and you only need to pull them out as you need them. This also increases the shelf life of your food, but make sure you label them!.

Warm on the outside

Did you know that the fridge doors are the warmest part of the fridge? So it makes sense to store things like condiments and items that have a longer shelf life in the doors and place items with closer used by dates like milk and cheese in the body of the fridge.

Fresher for longer

Have you ever gone to make a fresh salad and the lettuce is wilted or your carrots are bendy? The smartest way to keep your fruit and veggies fresher for longer is by putting them in the crisper drawer. If your crisper has settings, make sure it’s set to what you put in the drawer. Not only will they stay fresher for longer but it will save you money in the long run.

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