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We want to hear all about the experiences you’ve had with your new products. We value your opinion, whether it is positive or negative, and encourage you to share within the National Product Review community to give other consumers first-hand knowledge in order make informed decisions on their next purchase.

By giving us your opinion also helps us to understand you better – so we can continue to pick up on the things that matter to you.

Once you post your review, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and give us permission to publish it on a public forum and use it for third party websites. We aim to read every single review and those posts that meet the guidelines will then be published publicly in the forum for others to read.

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when writing your review:

Personal experience. The best reviews are the ones that give your real-life personal experience of using your new product. Be honest and provide objective and constructive feedback.

Write for yourself. Write a meaningful review as if you were giving advice to yourself or a good friend. What are the things you’d like to know? Were there any unexpected experiences?

Respect. Respect the other members of this community. Not everyone will have the same opinion, so by letting everyone provide their own experience will help provide a richer resource of information.

Keep to the point. Be concise and straightforward. Focus on your experience with the product.

Get the most out of it. Write about any tips or tricks on how to harness the benefits of your product. This is a forum to ensure we can not only buy the products that suit us best, but also to get the most out of them when we are using them.

We appreciate you taking the time to write reviews, so it’s important to us that you understand what is not appropriate so we can successfully share your post with our community.


  • Use offensive or abusive language
  • Link to inappropriate or offensive content
  • Post spam
  • Promote or advertise businesses
  • Post a misleading or fake review, regardless if it is negative or positive
  • Attack or abuse other reviewers
  • Post copyrighted materials
  • Suggest or encourage the use of a product in any way other than it is designed to be used
  • Post images or footage that is not your own and/or includes people other than yourself without permission
  • Write anything unnecessarily negative about a specific product or brand
  • Post a review if you are affiliated somehow to the product

To ensure the integrity of our user review process, our content team may review posts in greater detail from time to time to confirm the user has used the product. Therefore, more information may be requested to confirm the user’s purchase. Any information obtained will be kept confidential as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

If your review does not meet out guidelines we will be unable to post it. If you have any specific feedback or questions regarding the user review process we’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch with our customer service representative.

Please note these guidelines are subject to change without notice at our discretion from time to time. Any changes to the rules are not applied to posts already live. Make sure you read these guidelines each time you post a review.

Offensive or abusive language

We don’t tolerate any form of discriminatory or derogatory language, swearing or content that aims to harass or vilify other people.

Inappropriate or irrelevant content

Any comments should relate to the product you are reviewing and be as informative as possible.

External links, promotion of businesses and advertising

Please don’t post any external links to advertising or promotions. These may be unsafe and/or irrelevant.

Misleading or fake reviews

If we are notified or find out that a business has been posting fake reviews, whether positive or negative, we may block the account/s associated with the reviews and notify the ACCC if we deem it appropriate to do so.


Don’t post a review if you are affiliated with or were affiliated with a particular product (if you were or still are an employee of a company whose product is being reviewed).

Multiple accounts or postings

You may create one account only for your reviews. Please don’t post your review more than once and we may remove and/or ban you from using the website.

User complaints

If another user complains about a review, we will investigate the complaint and may take action including temporarily suspending your account or removing your review.