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Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or updating an appliance, there are many questions you will be faced with. Determining what is right for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so getting the right mix of design, functionality and technology is a must.

To help you rebuild or update your kitchen, it’s important to paint a picture of the kind of kitchen that will work for you, therefore creating an inspiring space that you’ll be happy with. Only from here onwards will comparing products be an easier task.

To get an idea of what you need in the kitchen, simply ask yourself the below questions:

How do you use your kitchen?
Is it simply for cooking and preparing meals, or is it a place where you entertain? What is most important to you in your kitchen (style, function, space etc.) and do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen?
What appliances do you need?
When designing your kitchen, it’s useful to have an understanding of what you need for your kitchen. Do you want built-in appliances that are built into your cabinetry or do you prefer freestanding appliances that can be swapped out with ease down the track? Whether it be a fridge, dishwasher, cooktop or oven, our buying guides will delve deeper into these products, so you’re able to find the right solution for your home.
What space do you have?
Are you using the existing space to replace appliances, or will you be doing a full renovation? At this point you need to consider the space you will or already have access to so you can find the right sized products for your home.
What else is important to you to have in the kitchen?
Do you want your appliances to have smart technology that will help make your life easier? Are you an avid wine collector and need some space to display and cool your wine? Perhaps you want to have a warming drawer to warm plates or a built-in coffee machine might be on your wish list to make every morning more enjoyable. Ensure you consider all the different elements that will turn your kitchen into your dream kitchen.
Quick Tip – Kitchens sell houses. Even if you’re not planning on selling, investing in good quality appliances and smart and functional designs are essential.

Now that you’ve had a quick think about life in your kitchen, there are two pathways for you to explore to help find the right solution for you.


You’ve done the planning and now it’s time to choose the right tools for your kitchen.
You have a picture of how you want your kitchen to look and what your budget is, so now you need to drill down and choose the appliances that will bring it to


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