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They say a chef is only as good as his or her tools… Lucky for us, whipping up a delicious treat is easy with a wide range of small appliances. Whether it’s the perfect cup of coffee or a scrumptious toasted sandwich, we’ve got the low down on all the products you need. Outside of the kitchen, we’ve got the latest information on personal care products and laundry care appliances to help you manage your home lifestyle. Our Small Appliances Buying Guide will help you find the right little helper for your home. When you’re satisfied about which product is right for you, you can view from a large selection, read real consumer reviews and find your local retailer to shop from!


What is a small appliance?
A small appliance is usually a compact benchtop kitchen appliance that will help you prepare components of meals, help reheat already-made dishes or help you completely cook dishes without the need of using your larger kitchen appliances. Examples of small appliances include toasters and kettles, mixers and blenders and mini ovens and air fryers.

How do I know which small appliance is right for me?
This comes down to your needs in the kitchen. Do you need help saving time as you prepare meals or do you need a benchtop cooking appliance that can cook snacks and treats? Do you want to have professional coffee at home or maybe you want to seek a healthier alternative to soft drinks? Whatever your need, there is a small appliance that can help, read on in our Small Appliances Buying Guide to find out.

What to consider when buying a new small appliance?
With so many brands, styles and fashionable colours in the market, it’s hard to know where to start. You should first look at the basics of what you need, what your budget is before diving into the aesthetics. Ask yourself the below questions:

  • How much space do I have for my new small appliance?
  • How often will I use this small appliance?
  • How much do I want to spend on this small appliance?
  • Is it easy to maintain and clean the small appliance?
  • Does the small appliance come in varying colours to suit my kitchen décor?

Fancy a freshly brewed coffee? The coffee machine that will suit you depends on a number of things. To start with, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often and when do you drink coffee?
  • Do you have any specifications like the size of cups you have?
  • What is your budget?
  • Where will you put your machine? How much space do you have?

Now let’s take look at the kind of coffee drinker you are…

Eddie Espresso
You like to have total control over every aspect of your coffee. You experiment with beans, adjust the temperature and coffee strength and have even been known to create an artwork with your perfectly frothed milk. A Manual Coffee Machine is best suited to you.

Armchair Aficionado
You know a good cup of coffee when you drink one, but if you had to start adjusting knobs and levers to get one you may as well pop down to the local café. You enjoy having choices and prefer to press a button for instant barista-like coffee. A Fully Automatic, Built-In or Pod Coffee Machine is ideal for you.

Busy Barista
You make a lot of coffee. Whether it’s for you, family or visitors you often find yourself whipping up multiple brews at a time. Flavour and frothed milk is important to you, but your machine needs to be easy to use while you concentrate on your conversation. A Manual, Fully Automatic or Built-In Coffee Machine is perfect for you.

Refined Robusta
Flavour is important to you, as is variety, but simple no mess coffee making is how you like to brew. It’s either coffee for one or two in your home and the most important part is the drinking not the labour. A Pod Coffee Machine is your best match.

You’re either a beans or pods person, but if you’re unsure, below are some of their characteristics to help you decide…

  • Fresh for up to nine months
  • Wide choice of flavours
  • No mess option

Type of Drinker
  • Refined Robusta
  • Armchair Afficionado

Beans/Freshly ground beans
  • Flexibility to create your perfect brew
  • The bean retains flavour for longer
  • Environmentally friendly waste that can be used in the garden

Type of Drinker
  • Busy Barista
  • Armchair Afficionado
  • Eddie Espresso

Whether you’re an Armchair Aficionado or a Busy Barista, you’ll find a product that’ll suit you from our large selection of coffee machines. To find out more about the different types of coffee machines available and how they work, keep on reading below…


Who: Armchair Aficionado, Busy Barista

All you need to do is add beans and milk and at the press of a button this machine will do the work for you by freshly grinding the beans and frothing the milk; producing the perfect brew every time.


Who: Eddie Espresso, Busy Barista

These are fully manual machines and use a pump to push hot water through the ground beans of your choice. They give you the flexibility to have total control over your coffee experience with the ability to adjust factors such as temperature, coffee strength and milk texture. You will need to factor in a bean grinder and milk jug to your budget (see below for more detail on accessories).

Quick Tip – make sure you select the coffee brewing option as soon as you put the tamper in, otherwise you will burn the coffee and the flavour will be bitter.


Who: Refined Robusta, Armchair Aficionado

These machines use capsules or pods with ground coffee inside them. They are very fast and easy to use. Some brands have extensive options of coffee types and flavours. They need very little maintenance. Many capsules and pods can even be recycled to help minimise your carbon footprint.

Quick Tip – Whatever your machine, make sure you run hot water without pod or ground coffee between cups. This ensures granules are washed away and don’t impact the flavour of the next cup.


Who: Armchair Aficionado, Busy Barista

A built-in coffee machine is simply a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine that’s encased in a frame, similar to an oven. The Built-In Coffee Machine is built into your kitchen cabinetry for a professional and stunning way to create and enjoy coffee. Built-In Coffee Machines help clear space on your kitchen’s benchtop.

If you like to use whole beans and your machine doesn’t grind them for you, then you will need a grinder. They are small appliances that use a blade to finely grind the beans.

Milk Frother
While some coffee machines incorporate a milk steamer, some don’t. Adding frothed milk can transform an espresso to a café-quality cappuccino.

Milk Jug
The jug you froth your milk in will impact the texture of milk you produce. Look for Stainless Steel jugs with just enough height to fit the steam wand.

This is the device that holds the coffee in your automatic or manual coffee machine. They come with your machine when you purchase.

This is the tool you need to compress the grounds into the portafilter to ensure water runs freely and evenly through the ground coffee beans.

Cleaning equipment
The manufacturer of your machine will recommend the optimal equipment for maintenance, including descaling chemicals and scrubbing brushes.

Quick Tip – Make sure you follow the instructions for cleaning and maintaining your machine so you can enjoy beautifully brewed coffees for years to come.

Controlling what nutrients go into your body or mixing up the perfect batter is easy when you have the right tools. With many blenders and mixers on the market, you’ll be whipping up smoothies, cakes, juices, sauces and even soups in no time with little fuss and no mess.


There are many clever small appliances that both reduce your time in the kitchen and cook delicious meals for you.

Some of these convenient small cooking appliances include slow cookers, which can cook while you’re at work or if you’re after a healthier cooking option, air fryers can help you treat yourself to fried snacks without all the oil and fat.

A lot of small cooking appliances are compact and easily fit on the kitchen benchtop. One such example are benchtop multi-function ovens, which boasts all the oven functions you know and love in a neat package that’s great for a snack.

Whatever your cooking task, you’re bound to find a small appliance that will help you get the job done. Below, we run through a range of our small cooking appliances and when you’re ready to shop, you can view the products, read reviews and find them at your local retailer!

From shaving and trimming your beard to blow drying and styling hair, Personal Care products are helpers that will make you look your best self. With numerous brands and styles on the market, it’s hard to know where to start when you’re shopping for a new hair dryer, shaver, grooming kit or hair straightener. To help you make the best purchasing decision, we’ve outlined some of the key factors to consider for each product.


The power of a hair dryer or hair straightener is indicated by wattage (W), with a higher wattage meaning a more powerful motor to help you quickly dry or style your hair.

From faster drying times, quieter operation to ceramic coated plates that effortlessly glide over your hair as it protects it, hair dryers and stylers come with many technologies that will suit no matter what your hair situation.

Functions & Settings
Enjoy having control over your drying and styling with varied heat settings, airflow power and some even have a ‘cold shot’ which locks in your hairstyle to keep it in place.

Accessories & Attachments
Most hair dryers come with at least one styling attachment which can be easily placed and removed from the dryer’s nozzle to help style the look you want. Some of the most common attachments include a styling concentrator, diffuser and even a round brush.

For your convenience, some hair dryers and hair straighteners were designed to be compact with dual voltage to make it easier to take with you when travelling. Some travel-sized hair dryers and hair straighteners are smaller than the usual and might even fold up to take up minimal space.


Blades & Shaving Heads
Stainless Steel blades are widely available in many shavers and they’re the best to help provide a clean and close cut. Also keep an eye out for shaving heads that flex in multiple directions which will better reach all contours of your face.

Wet & Dry
Shavers and groomers of today can usually be used dry or wet in the shower which offers flexible user experience. Ensure to check the model that you’re interested in can be used wet to avoid any accidents.

Cordless shaving and grooming is the new norm and with this comes cordless runtime. Depending on the battery power, you can shave, trim and style cordlessly anywhere between 30 to 70 minutes.

Accessories & Attachments
You’ll find that shavers may come with a pop-up trimmer included and some have a beard styling attachment and comb trimming guides which will help you trim and style your facial hair. Additional accessories like lubricating oil, barber’s scissors, cleaning brush and storage bag are a bonus.

A compact design, worldwide voltage, travel lock and carry pouch, these are all the things you should keep an eye out for it you want to take your electric shaver or grooming kit with you.


Numbers of Blades
The number of blades the shaver or epilator has will mean a closer and better hair removal result for you.

Head Shape & Flexibility
An extra wide shaver or epilator head and a pivoting motion will both cover more skin surface area to effectively remove hair in one go.

Wet & Dry
Look out to see if the shaver or epilator can be operated dry only or both wet and dry, giving you more options to use your hair removal product with gels or lotions in the shower or bath.

Not all hair removal products are cordless. For those that are, look for a long cordless runtime, with many sitting either around or just under 60 minutes runtime.

Suitable Skin & Hair Type
Ensure the hair removal product is suited to your skin and hair type. Some shavers and epilators may only work well on naturally dark blonde, brown or black hair and might not be suitable for red or white/grey hair. Always check to be sure.

Suitable Areas
Like your skin and hair type, check to see which areas the hair removal device can be used on before buying. Some shavers and epilators may only be ideal for legs and arms while some are more suitable for most areas of the body.

Gentle, auto or strong, slow or fast, ensure you choose the hair removal product that offers the settings you will need.

Accessories & Attachments
Make your life easier with attachments and accessories that will help remove hair from almost any part of your body. A Precision Bikini Trimmer, Adjustable Length Comb and Detail Trimmer will help meet all your needs while an Exfoliating Head and Massage Pads will be a bonus for your skin care routine.

Taking care and looking after yourself is easy with the right Personal Care appliances by your side. Now that you know what you need and what to look out for, browse through our Personal Care range to view products, read reviews and shop online or in store at your local retailer!

Straighten out wrinkles, steam clean your garments or refresh delicates with irons and steamers. Whether you have jeans and t-shirts on rotation or you have a wardrobe full of delicate woollens and silk items, you’ll find an iron or steamer to suit. In order to get the right iron or steamer for your laundry care needs, you will first have to take into account the below considerations:

The power of an iron and garment steamer is usually indicated by wattage (W), with a higher wattage meaning a more powerful motor to tackle any stubborn wrinkles and creases. As a guide, most irons and garment steamers will feature power anywhere between 1000W to 2400W.

Water Tank Capacity
Irons and steamers have a water spray or steam function which helps straighten out heavy fabrics and is great to get around difficult areas like pockets and collars. Having a larger water tank will get you further when you need the water. Most irons have a water tank with approximately 300ml capacity while garment steamers have a larger water tank from 1L to 2L to help generate the steam required.

Heat Up Time
When you’re rushing out the door yet need a clean shirt to wear, you’d want to be able to iron quick fast. When shopping around for a new iron or garment steamer, look out for the heat-up time as many boast heat-up in under a minute, meaning you can get started quickly after powering on.

No matter what the garment, there should be a setting or power level suitable. Most irons have the fabric settings of Nylon, Wool, Cotton and a Eco setting to reduce power consumption. Garment steamers will usually have varying steam settings to suit different types of fabrics and a Sanitise option may be available to help refresh and remove bacteria from garments.

Garment Care Technology
Keep an eye out for non-stick soleplates and gentle garment settings or technologies that will ensure your clothes are best looked after for long lasting wear.

Handling an iron or garment steamer comes with its risk and ensure your new appliance comes with safety features to keep you safe when using it. Some of the safety functions to look out for include Anti-drip, Horizontal position notice and Automatic Switch-Off.

Step out with freshly ironed garments with your new iron or garment steamer. View the latest models from leading brands, read real consumer reviews and shop them in store or online at your local retailer.

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