6 Ways To Save The Planet From The Comfort Of Your Own V. Messy Home

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If you’re an environmentally-savvy human who loves the planet then you’re more than likely aware that we are about one plastic bag away from seeing it all go up in smoke, or flood, or some other very apocalyptic natural disaster.

But because you’re an environmentally-savvy human who loves the planet I bet you’re probably already taking steps towards bettering the earth. Oh yeah, I see you standing in line with your keepcup everyday. Good job!

That said, there is always so much more we can do. And one of the best places to start is at home. Now, I’m not saying you gotta pick up, move to a forest and go completely off-grid. No way. But there are a bunch of super easy changes you can make that will 100 percent help the environment. Oh, and it will make you feel good. Satisfied/smug endorphins all-round, guys.

Check your Energy Star Ratings

Did you know that some machines are better for the environment than others? Yep. It all depends on a little thing called their Energy Star Rating. Take this primo Hisense fridge for example. Built with energy conservation in mind, this fridge has got 4.5 energy stars meaning it’s good for the world AND better for your wallet. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Don’t be a water waster

Living in Australia means we all know that water is a precious, precious resource. Considering our drought history, it’s basically a crime to be water wasteful. And while I believe you when you say you’re taking short showers, there is more we can do. Think about checking your water meter regularly (means you’re on top of your usage and can identify any leaks quick smart), installing water-saving shower heads (the pressure is still bueno, trust me) or even harvesting rain water if that’s your bag. Water efficiency at its finest.

Buy smart white goods

Whether it’s washing your clothes or keeping your ice cream frozen, buying white goods is a fact of life. But those white goods shouldn’t drain energy AND your bank account. Hisense is out there doing a pretty good job on the energy efficient household front, having created a genius fridge that even comes with a Holiday Power Saving Mode. This nifty feature reduces energy, reduces bills AND nothing in ya fridge is gonna go off. Just another reason to buy smart white goods – don’t let all your pretty pennies go to waste.

Recycle the right way

This has been drilled into us since we were youngins. We have to recycle what we use, and recycle it properly. This means checking labels, washing food scraps from containers and please, please don’t try and recycle plastic bags in your regular curb side bin. They actually require a different recycling process. Actually, why not just invest in a few green bags and say thank u next to plastic altogether?

Buy local and buy in bulk

Buying local means less food miles (oh, and your money goes back into the community, ya legend) and buying in bulk equals less useless packaging. All you gotta do is make sure you’ve got enough space in that kitchen of yours to store it all. I’m talking a decent-sized pantry and a Hisense fridge like this guy – adjustable shelves, a big boy veggie crisper and a multi-airflow cooling system means you’ve not only got the space to store but also keep your groceries at their freshest. Winner winner.

Wash in cold water

Now, we’re not asking you to go full Wim Hof on your next shower but we do recommend hitting cold on your next clothes wash. Doing the laundry leaves a major global footprint but you can seriously lessen your total energy use AND greenhouse gas emissions just by switching to cold water. It’s even better for stain removal, so like, why are you still using warm water again? Also, if the weather is good totally make use of the Hills Hoist. Your laundry routine will be sah efficient.

Go Green

So you’ve already swapped out your light bulbs and you’re turning every powerpoint off at the switch, what else can you do? You can always change energy companies to one that is recommended by the Green Electricity Guide. It doesn’t cost you anything to change to a more eco-friendly provider and it definitely won’t cost the earth.

But for real guys, climate change is a thing. And we need to do better. If you’re looking to upgrade your fridge or dishwasher or air con, definitely try and go energy efficient – the guys over at the National Product Review are a good place to start.

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