Apartment Gardening

If you think living in an apartment means you can’t have a thriving garden, think again. Whether you have a balcony or not, or even just want to freshen up your indoor space, we’ve got 4 useful tips for everyone. Read on for ideas on how you can transform your urban living space:

1. Know your plants.

Most plants come with a short description about their ideal growing conditions. Some require a lot of sunlight and care, others only minimal effort. Think about where you will be putting the plants as this will impact which plants you should buy. For example, ferns, palms and the peace lily do not need much sunlight and make great indoor plants. Succulents on the other hand thrive in full sun and do not require much water.

2. Plan ahead.

If your garden is more practical than decorative, research which types of herbs and vegetables can grow in your space. As above, the amount of sunlight these get can mean the difference between a struggling plant and fresh basil in your dinner. Another important consideration is how much space you have for produce to grow: plants that can grow upwards rather than outwards can be great choices. Finally, sprouts such as mung beans and alfalfa can be great choices too for a high-yield, versatile ingredient.

3. Be creative.

Look for ways to maximise your space either with specially bought items or by upcycling. Space can be created vertically by using old pallets, mesh, or shoe boxes. Be creative with what you have around the apartment, you might surprise yourself by finding a new use for something you would have otherwise thrown away!

4. The pot matters.

In an apartment all your plants will need to be potted. It is important to find the right size pot for the plant so that the roots will have enough room to grow. Don’t be afraid to re-pot your herbs and other plants if you want them to grow bigger. At the same time you can be creative with your choice of pot for its decorative quality. Drainage holes and good quality potting soil are important for your garden’s success.

5. Get started today.

Your balcony or window sill is ready and waiting, the next step is to choose what you want to grow. The below fruits and vegetables are great as they grow easily in the space an apartment provides:
• Salad greens such as: lettuce, spinach and rocket
• Herbs such as: mint, chives, parsley and thyme
• Tomatoes, small in size such as cherry tomatoes
• Chili peppers
• Beans and peas
• Garlic
• Onions

You won’t need a green thumb to be able to bring colour and freshness into your apartment, just a little creativity and planning. These tips are enough to get you started and are just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce)!

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