Smartphone Or Camera? Which Is The Best For You?


People are taking more photos than ever, but are more inclined to use their smartphones to capture life’s precious (and not so precious) moments. We’ve investigated why smartphone cameras may not be a substitute for fully-fledged cameras.

When you’re in the market for a new camera, cost can be a determining factor to your decision. You’ll be pleased to hear that cameras and photography equipment today are 75% cheaper than they were 17 years ago.

The most striking benefit of a camera over a smartphone camera is the quality. The images produced by a camera are overwhelmingly superior to that of a smartphone camera. The sensor of a camera is much larger than that of a phone. Smartphone’s are constantly trying to be designed to be as slim as possible, which means their camera quality suffers. Smartphone cameras notoriously suffer in dark lighting, and do not offer the number of photography features of true cameras, which also generally tend to be more physically resilient and robust than screen-cracking prone smartphones. Weatherproof cameras are also a lot easier and cheaper to find than a weatherproof smartphone.

Traditional cameras have a much larger resolution and photo-taking technology than smartphones. High-performing compact cameras can provide anywhere from 10 to 30 megapixels and larger DSLR cameras can provide anywhere between 30 to 45 megapixels. Add an additional lens and you could be shooting with 75 megapixels plus. Your documenting capabilities are endless when it comes to cameras.

Have you ever wanted to get a shot of the mountain top or of an animal on the other side of the wildlife park? Zoom in and clearly capture everything that’s not within reach. Say goodbye to blurry nature shots.

Capturing Videos
Many cameras now offer video recording in 4K quality. From a friend’s wedding or your children’s birthday parties, capture memories that will last for years in exceptional high-resolution video. Your travels and adventures can also be recorded in Ultra HD thanks to the assortment of action cameras available.

All Purpose
Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies will love high quality action cameras that will be there when the big moments happen. Perfect for travelling, water sports, hiking, skydiving and more, the durable and weatherproof cameras will be there when smartphones can’t. Attach them to your jacket, helmet or backpack and off you go, ready to share it all with the world.

Another notorious drawback of smartphones has been their battery, especially when using features such as the camera. A camera’s battery will still be going strong long after your smartphone dies. Tests have shown that some popular smartphones will run out of battery after only just over 7 hours. Meanwhile, some popular cameras are capable of taking over 1,000 spectacular photos. The average life expectancy of a smartphone battery is a mere four and a half years, compared to over 6 and a half years for the average digital camera. Traditionally cameras have not offered many social sharing capabilities, but in recent years a wide range of features such as built-in Wi-Fi and other networking features have become increasingly common.

Capturing life’s most valuable memories is so important, so why take them in lower quality than they deserve? Nothing would be worse than looking back on your life and seeing a grainy, underexposed blur.

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