Canon M50 Mark II: Made for Content Creators

Canon’s M50 Mark II Mirrorless Camera is the new kid on the camera scene. Compact, lightweight and packed full of features, this nifty little camera is one that’s made for content creators, curious explorers and photography amateurs.

How Does it Compare to the M50?
Almost identical in size and design, the M50 Mark II offers improvements on the Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera. Both cameras are powered by the same APS-C CMOS sensor and both feature 24.1 megapixels. Notedly, what makes the second-generation Canon M50 Mark II a step up from its older sibling is its camera software upgrades, offering an exceptional shooting experience.

What’s new in the M50 Mark II?
When compared to the older Canon M50, the M50 Mark II Mirrorless Camera offers improvements including:

  • Autofocus Performance: includes Face Tracking and Eye detection that are available for both stills and video recording
  • Vertical Shooting: you can record videos in portrait mode – perfect for playback on your smartphone and sharing onto social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram
  • Touch-and-Drag Focusing: this mechanism can be used on the rear screen while using the electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Wireless Live Streaming: bring the action straight to your audience via YouTube, Facebook and other channels with live streaming capabilities

Does the M50 Mark II come with industry standard features?
All the must-haves of a mirrorless camera can be found in the Canon M50 Mark II. Powered by a DIGIC 8 image processor, every still and video is captured with incredible processing performance. The large 24.1 megapixels sensor ensure you document spectacular results, even with the camera’s compact body.

As day turns to night, clearly capture images even in low light with the ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 25600 (51200 expanded equivalent). The camera’s 3” vari-angle touchscreen LCD lets you adjust settings, review footage and select autofocus points. No matter the shot’s angle, the flexible LCD means you can see your subjects clearly before you shoot.

How is the video recording with the M50 Mark II?
Record stunning moments in action with the 4K Ultra HD 24p video recording capability. If you’re after a clearer and in-depth view of your subjects, you can also choose to record slow motion videos in HD at 120p. The Canon M50 Mark II also has a built-in microphone so you can effortlessly record clear audio and dialogue.

Can I instantly share to my smart devices?
The M50 Mark II features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can effortlessly capture, save and share to your smart devices via the Camera Connect app.

How portable is the camera?
The Canon M50 Mark II is incredibly compact, lightweight and weighs only 388g, making it a great camera for travelling with you. Keep the M50 Mark II in your everyday bag and you’ll always be ready for those spontaneous shots.

Who is the M50 Mark II Mirrorless Camera best suited for?
Basically everyone, no matter the occasion! Canon’s compact and versatile M50 Mark II is perfect for:

  • Travellers
  • Family Photographers
  • Foodies
  • Content creators: photographers & videographers for online media
  • Vloggers and YouTubers
  • Live Streaming

If you’re in the market for a new camera, upgrading from smartphone photography, love to shoot on the go or often post and share on your social media accounts, then you can’t look past Canon’s new M50 Mark II Mirrorless Camera. Lightweight, versatile and easy to use, there’s nothing holding you back when you have the M50 Mark II in your hands.

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