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Living an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable lifestyle becomes easier with advanced technologies from leading brands. Whether you’re passionate about reducing your consumption levels or want to save on your bills and reduce living costs, you’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we’ll explore two 5-Star washing machines that you can use in your home to maximise laundry day without the excessive consumption. Best of all, Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22), so now’s the best time to re-think about how you can preserve and protect the environment, right at home.

The washing machines featured in this blog are:

At a glance:

Both washing machines from Electrolux and AEG are great for growing families and households who generally have large washing demands. They both have a 10kg washing capacity that comfortably handles bigger loads of clothes, uniform, sports gear, bed sheets and more.

The washing machines are powered by an inverter motor that are much more energy efficient, quiet and high performing compared to traditional motors. Sensor washing technology is featured in both washing machines, ensuring an optimal washing experience without any more use of resources than necessary.

10kg Front Load Washing Machine – Electrolux

Suited for: large families and busy households who want an easy washing experience with greater flexibility and smarter control

Washing Flexibility

Aside from the 10kg washing capacity, this Electrolux washing machine boasts 15 wash programs, so there is literally one to suit every load. The wash programs range from everything like Delicate to Bedding, Mixed, Cotton to Sports, Daily 60 and Tub Clean.

UltraMix Detergent Technology

The washing machine’s UltraMix technology ensures detergent is fully dissolved before it reaches your garments, which also helps to reduce colour fading by up to 31%, even when using cold water. With the washing machine’s maximum 1400 rotations per minute spin speed, your clothes can get a generous amount of spin to remove soiling.

Sensor Washing

Featuring SensorWash technology, the sensors within the washing machine’s drum detects soiling levels to adjust the washing time for efficient results. This also helps reduce unnecessary wear on your garments, so you can enjoy them for longer.

Specialised Functions

Effortlessly remove creases and revitalise garments without a full wash with the Vapour Refresh option. This steam-powered cycle smooths out creases, and it also removes up to 99% of allergens and germs on clothing.

Smart Control

With Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart-enabled Electrolux 10kg Front Load Washing Machine can be remotely monitored and controlled via the Electrolux Life App. View the cycle information, make changes, receive notifications when your wash is done and even access extra programs via the app.

10kg Front Load Washing Machine – AEG

Suited for: households of all sizes who want a washing machine that will meet every day washing needs 

Variety of Programs

Wash everyday items and speciality garments too with the washing machine’s 10 wash programs. The wash programs range from Delicate, Cotton, Duvets to Outdoor, Wool/Silk and Anti-Allergy.

OKOMix Detergent Technology

OKOMix ensures the detergent and fabric softener is evenly mixed with the water before it enters the washing machine’s drum. This makes it easier for all fibres of your garments to be washed with the right amount of detergent. With a maximum 1600 rotations per minute spin speed, effectively manage any soiling and stain.

Sensor Washing

This AEG front load washing machine features ProSense sensor technology which senses and adjusts the wash cycle’s time, water and energy consumption. As the wash times are monitored and adjusted, your garments suffer less wear and tear for longer lasting enjoyment.

Steam Refresh

When your garments don’t need a proper wash and just need a refresh, the washing machine’s Steam Refresh program will satisfy. Revitalise clothes without the need for water or detergent for a quicker way to enjoy them again.

Compare the Washing Machines


Electrolux 10kg Front Load Washing Machine (EWF1042BDWA)

AEG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine (LF8C1612A)

Motor Type

EcoInverter Motor (Inverter)

OKOInverter Motor (Inverter)

Drum Material

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Number of Programs

15: Delicate, Bedding, spin, Mixed, Energy Saver, Cotton, Tub clean, Wool, Daily 60, Vapour Refresh, Rinse & Spin, App Program, Quick 15, Favourite, Sports

10: Delicate, synthetics, 20 min – 3kg, Anti Allergy, Cotton, duvets, steam refresh, OutDoor, wool / silk, OKOPower

Max Spin Speed

1400 rpm

1600 rpm

Sensor Washing (Y/N)



Auto Dispenser

Dispenser Type

Pre-wash dispenser, Powder or liquid detergent dispenser, Fabric softener dispenser

Fabric conditioner dispenser, pre-wash dispenser, Powder or liquid detergent dispenser, Stain remover dispenser

Delay Start / Delay End

Delay End

Delay Start

Control Type

Rotary Dial, Touch Button

Rotary Dial, Electric Touchscreen

Display Type



Add A Garment



Quick Wash (Y/N)

Y, Quick 15

Y, Ultra Quick 20

Vapour/Steam Refresh (Y/N)



Woolmark Certification

Woolmark Blue

Woolmark Green

Wi-Fi Enabled



Smart App Control



Child Lock (Y/N)



Door Lock (Y/N)



Noise Level (dBA)



Reversible Door (Y/N)



Energy Rating



Energy Consumption (KWhr/yr)



WELS Rating



Water Consumption (L)



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