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Fresh In: Westinghouse’s New AC Provides Instant Relief All Year

Home appliances brand Westinghouse have newly released a range of air conditioners to help households maintain a comfortable home all year.

For over 80 years, Westinghouse’s collection of home appliances, mainly kitchen, cooking and laundry solutions have serviced Australian households, providing an affordable and practically pleasing experience. Now, with their new collection of spilt system air conditioners, Westinghouse once again proves that it’s happy to help all around the home.

Made for Every Home

Like many other Westinghouse appliances, their air conditioners are built with a slim modern design to suit any space in any sized home.

Regardless of the size of your home, your floorplan and interior arrangements, there’s a Westinghouse air conditioner to suit any space with many sizes to choose from. Size here means both the operational capacity and the air conditioner’s physical build. The kids’ bedroom, your home office, your lounge area or the combined living dining, wherever you need home climate control, there’s a Westinghouse air conditioner that will suit.

Westinghouse air conditioners range from 2.7kW to 9.1kW cooling capacity while heating ranges from 3.5kW to 10.4kW.

Reverse Cycle Means 2-in-1 Cooling & Heating

All Westinghouse split system air conditioners feature reverse cycle operation, meaning that it conveniently offers cooling and heating from the one unit.

What are the benefits of reverse cycle air conditioners?

  • Space-saving 2-in-1 design, prevents the need for a separate air conditioner and heater
  • Suitable for climate regions that need year-round control (i.e. both cooling and heating)
  • Typically can be controlled remotely via a remote controller or smart app/voice control
  • Energy efficient compared to other modes of heating and cooling, such as fan heaters

Fresh and Hygienic Air

Spend life at home with cleaner air and greater confidence with a range of filters found in all Westinghouse split system air conditioners.

  • Dust and ion filter: removes the presence of dust and other particles such as odours from the air
  • HEPA 13 filter: eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria 1, helping to purify the air and release clean air in your space
  • Cold Catalyst filter: traps and remove gases and organic compounds (substances) 2 that are found in the air like from air fresheners, cleaning products, perfumes, paint from the walls and other items like furniture

Self-cleaning air conditioners
If you’re like us, cleaning the air conditioner is something that just gets left behind, and maybe even forgotten for years. Thankfully, with the inclusion of the self-cleaning function across Westinghouse’s air conditioners, dirt, mildew and bacteria are automatically removed from the unit’s parts, ensuring hygienic home climate control.

Greater Climate Customisation
Whether cooling or heating, always enjoy a personalised experience that is fit for your lifestyle with the 24-hour timer and a range of modes such as:

  • Turbo Mode: boost your cooling or heating and be comfortable in less time
  • Sleep Mode: temperatures and fan speeds adjust to deliver optimal comfort for pleasant sleep throughout the night
  • ‘Follow Me’ mode: uses the remote controller’s location to adjust temperatures, providing greater satisfaction, personalised comfort and no wasted cool or hot air

Smarter Control

All Westinghouse air conditioners are compatible with the Westinghouse +Home app 3, so that you can remotely manage the air conditioner from your smartphone.

With a touch of the app, users can change temperatures, set schedules and timers and monitor energy usage to ensure efficient year-round operation.

The Westinghouse +Home app also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices, so that with a simple voice command, you can make changes, hands-free 3.

DRED Compatible

Westinghouse’s range of air conditioners are all DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device) capable. What this means is that once set up, the air conditioner can be remotely managed by your electricity provider during peak periods to manage demand and operation.

Whilst DRED helps to manage energy use during peak periods of demand, it must be noted that the DRED process may not necessarily mean greater efficiency.

Long 5 Year Warranty

All Westinghouse air conditioners feature a long 5 year warranty period, delivering greater peace of mind over years of cooling, heating and air purification.

Check Out The Range

Uncover all of Westinghouse’s spilt system reverse cycle air conditioners. With a range of air conditioner sizes, with varying cooling and heating capacities, and a long 5 year warranty; there’s so much to appreciate about Westinghouse air conditioners.

Click on the link below to see more Westinghouse products, content and so much more!


1 Tested on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia.
2 Tested on Ethyl Mercaptan, Ammonia and Trimethylamine.
3 Internet and mobile device required.