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The spring social season is here! Make up for lost time and be ready for any occasion with Remington’s range of hair care appliances. Whether you need to give your locks some TLC or want to create a salon look, Remington can help dry, straighten, curl and style your hair. With some help from our friends at Remington, we’ll run through some tips and tricks you can apply to create your desired look.

To make that happen, you’ll need Remington’s Proluxe Salon Hair Dryer. This high performing hair dryer has a 2400W motor and boasts Intelligent PROheat Technology which delivers heat where it’s needed, to help dry and style effectively. The dryer also releases ions with its Conditioning Ionic Technology so that your hair remains soft, shiny and smooth.

Before You Style
For better results, shampoo and condition your hair before you style. Make sure to towel dry to remove excess moisture.

Fast Drying
Choose the high heat and high speed setting to roughly dry your hair. When drying, use a round brush or your hand to shake out excess moisture and keep the dryer moving around your hair for even results.

Natural Wavy Look
As you use the low heat and low speed setting, scrunch sections of hair with your fingers into the palm of your hand. Use the hair dryer to direct airflow through your fingers and for more volume, lean forward and dry your hair in the upside-down position.

Lift & Volume
To create style with volume, use the dryer on the high heat and high speed setting. Work from the roots of the hair and start at the back of the head. Section your hair and use your fingers or a round brush to dry against the natural growth pattern, this will create lift at the roots for a voluminous look.

For this, you’ll need to have the concentrator nozzle attached to the hair dryer. Set the dryer to the low heat and low speed setting, section the hair and style using a round brush. Apply the airflow directly on the hair while styling in the direction you desire. For extra hold, hold the airflow for 2-5 seconds on each section while curling under or over.

Roughly dry your hair with the high heat high speed setting. When hair is nearly dry, attach the concentrator nozzle and reduce the heat and speed. Section the hair and begin with straightening the bottom layers first. Using a round brush, follow the brush with the concentrator from above and slowly glide down each section of hair from roots to tips. Once the bottom layers of your hair have been straightened, straighten the mid-section and finish by straightening the top layers.

Style Shot
Remington’s Proluxe Salon Hair Dryer features a PROheat style shot button which delivers heat where and when it’s required. Use the PROheat style shot button to get results that last up to 24 hours 1. Move the switch on the hair dryer to the left to activate the PROheat style shot.

Cool Shot
The cool shot button can be used to hold your hairstyle. Move the hair dryer switch to the right to quickly cool and hold your hair once it has been styled to your liking.

Need a new style now? Check out the Proluxe Salon Hair Dryer and the growing range of Remington’s hair styling tools below.


1 Style shown to last 24 hours in laboratory trials.

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