Getting The Best Coffee From Your Coffee Machine

You may have bought a state of the art coffee machine with a host of fancy features, but if you aren’t following these easy tips, you’re missing out on the perfect coffee.


The right coffee beans make all the difference. Look for high quality, fresh whole beans that were roasted as recently as possible, preferably from a local roaster. Ideally coffee beans should be consumed within a month roasting, but the sooner the better.

Store your beans in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container. Light, air, moisture and heat are the enemies of coffee bean freshness.

For maximum flavour, grind your beans immediately before brewing. The longer the grounds sit around, the more flavour they’ll lose. We recommend using a burr grinder and a medium or medium-fine grind.


The right water at the right temperature also contributes to a good cup of coffee. Ideally the water should be around 91-92°C. Water which is too cold will lead to under-extraction, and water too hot will produce bitter tasting coffee. The water should be neither too mineral rich nor poor. Standard filtered water will typically be ideal. Do not use distilled or softened water. Poor water will not only affect the taste of your coffee but will damage your machine over time.

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