How To Maintain And Clean Your BBQ

With the summer season creeping upon us (and endless hours of entertaining!) it is important to make sure your BBQ is well cleaned and maintained. Following some simple and easy steps now will save you from longer cleaning times in the long run, plus extend the lifespan of your BBQ. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cook, using either gas or charcoal, we’ve got 7 easy-to-follow steps to ensure your BBQ is kept in tip-top shape;

Step 1. Turn off and disconnect the gas

Turn off the gas bottle and disconnect the hose. It’s recommended that after each use that the hose is disconnected from the gas bottle to avoid any leaks – safety first! Also before you start cleaning your BBQ it is crucial to check that the gas hose isn’t cracked or damaged in any way, if so it’s suggested you replace this straight away.

Step 2. Remove the tray and clean (when it’s still warm!)

Remove the tray and scrape away any excess fat remaining from grilling or cooking. Thoroughly wash the tray in hot soapy water to ensure all residue is removed. It’s also always best to clean your BBQ while its warm as residue slides off easier and isn’t as tough to remove.
**Top tip – wear dishwashing gloves when doing this as it will allow you to use hotter water which will cut through grease and fat.

Step 3. Clean the grills

Ensure the grills are cleaned by scraping away any excess fat and cooked on food, then carefully wash them in hot soapy water. Be sure to wash both sides of the grill, getting rid of any fat that may have dripped underneath.

Step 4. Time for a wash

Give the BBQ a good clean with hot soapy water and a soft scouring page before putting the grills back on.

Step 5. Apply oil to the grill plates

Wipe the excess soap and water off of the grill with a dry paper towel, then spray both sides of the grill with canola oil to protect them. Put the grills and tray back once complete.
**Top tip: Oil stops seasoning, meats and veggies sticking to the BBQ, which helps to prolong its lifespan! PLUS if you live by the ocean it’s good to remember that your hotplates will be more prone to rusting.

Step 6. Add fresh fat absorber to the trip tray

Line the drip tray with aluminium foil and place some fat absorber in the tray, then place the tray back under the grill. Fat absorbers collect fat, thus preventing fat fires from occurring.
**Top tip: it’s recommended to change the fat absorber after every 10 BBQs + don’t use kitty litter or sand as a fat absorber as they create odours and encourage rust.

Step 7. Clean the outside of the BBQ

Last but not least, clean the outside of the BBQ. BBQ wipes are an easy and great way to keep the outside looking good between big clean-ups. Alternatively (and if it’s stainless steel) use hot water and vinegar or stainless steel cleaner to ensure a sparkling finish. Keep your BBQ under a cover and away from elements and remember, the better you take care of your machine, the more years of great cooking you’ll get out of it!

Now time to get cooking! Be sure to check out some of our delicious recipes here (please hyperlink to recipes) for inspiration!


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