Linen Closet Must Do’s!

Is your linen closet appearing more chaotic than organised? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get organised. Keep reading to find out how to set the tone and maintain a great looking and efficient linen space for you (and the family).

Declutter and Eliminate

Toss out any old towels, bed linen and blankets you currently have accumulating space in your closet – this includes miscoloured and worn out linen. A great rule of thumb is to throw out any linen or towels you have not used in the past 12 months. That way, you won’t suffer from a case of separation anxiety!

Categorise Shelving

Depending on the size and space of your closet, plan and allocate shelves for specific linen to suit your lifestyle needs. A great idea is to keep seasonal linens at the very top shelf with beach towels and occasional table linen on the next. Followed by bath/face/hand towels and bath mats as these would be at eye level and easy to reach for most. Bed linen would be stowed in the following shelves with the bottom for miscellaneous items in additional storage boxes. Labelling each shelf is also another great way to keep organised as you’ll always know which type of linen and towel goes on each shelf.

Fold, Pile and Line them up

It is no secret that the key to a well organised and good looking closet is how items are stored. Fold, pile and line up the towels/linen of the same size and type all in the same direction on their allocated shelving. Having these stacked the right way will help create a sense of order and allow for you to efficiently find what you need as soon as you open up the closet door! It always makes it really easy to find correct sets of towels when you have guests staying over!

Freshen Up

Do you ever find your linen closet to sometimes get a dusty or stale smell? A great and simple solution is to spritz linen spray onto your towels, blankets and of course bed linen. Not only will your closet smell nice, you’ll have pleasantly fresh smelling linen all year round!
Lavender is a popular scent used as it’s known to help with stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, otherwise depending on your mood and preference, switch the scent up to chamomile or rosemary! Using a fabric softener will also add to the nice aroma and feel of your linens.

Let it Breathe

Once your closet is in full order, get into the habit of airing out the linen every three to four months to avoid mildew occurring. A handy tip is to use an open container filled with baking powder or a moisture absorber from the grocery store, as it can diminish moisture which causes the mould to form. These are also really great to put in other closets that have materials that attract moisture like shoes and clothes.

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