How To Make A Small Space Feel Larger

Increasingly our homes have been becoming smaller as our desire for inner city living increases, which has put space at a premium.

Luckily enough, there are a number of easy tricks to make small spaces look and feel much bigger than they are.

Light and colour

The use of light and colours are important keys to make spaces feel more expansive. Dark colours absorb light and draw your attention inwards rather than outwards. Light colours and light hues on furniture, walls, and floors will brighten up a room and make it feel airier.

Windows are an obvious asset, make sure that they are not cluttered and that if using curtains, they are the same colour as your walls to provide a seamless transition.


For a living room, instead of going for multiple small couches, try for one large couch. The same goes with other pieces such as tables. A limited number of pieces will minimise a cluttered appearance.

Avoid central coffee tables and instead opt for console tables for the sides and even behind your couch, especially those with in-built storage. Avoid the temptation to push your couch right up next to the wall, which will lead to a closed atmosphere.


Mirrors are a classic option to give the illusion of a larger room and to introduce extra light.

Rugs can add extra depth to a room and can be used to separate a room into multiple areas. A rug with long stripes or flowing patterns can add to the illusion of depth.

Artworks with suitable patterns and colours can also add extra depth to your space. Pieces that are placed above the eye line can help to draw your gaze upwards and create the illusion of extra height in the room.

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