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Meet Fujitsu’s ‘Lifestyle Next’ Air Conditioner Range

Meet Fujitsu’s Lifestyle Next (NXT) range of air conditioners, perfect for year-round climate control.

Embrace the seasonal change with an air conditioner from Fujitsu that’s designed to adapt with your lifestyle. Delivering year-round climate control, the Lifestyle Next range are all reverse-cycle air conditioners, providing both cooling and heating from the one, convenient unit.

In this piece, we explore all the must-know features and functions available in the Fujitsu Lifestyle Next (NXT) range, so that you can best make an informed decision if you’re shopping for an air conditioner.

All Year Climate Control

Cool in the middle of summer and then heat when the temperature dips using the one unit. All Fujitsu Lifestyle Next air conditioners are reverse cycle, meaning they all feature 2-in-1 cooling and heating functions that can be operated from the same unit. Confidently use Fujitsu Lifestyle Next air conditioners all year round.

The air conditioners are also all Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) compatible, which basically means that energy providers can adjust the energy usage of the unit in response to peak demand. DRED benefits households thanks to its energy and cost-reducing activity.

Many Sizes and Capacities

The Fujitsu Lifestyle Next range of air conditioners are designed to suit all spaces and property types thanks to its large range of model sizes.

Cooling capacity: ranges from minimum 2.5kW to maximum 9.5kW
Heating capacity: ranges from minimum 3.2kW to maximum 10.3kW

Click here here to view our room size and air conditioner capacity guide.

Air Purification

Whether you’re cooling or heating, keep harmful pollutants, allergens and odours out of your home with the air conditioner’s range of built-in filters.

Remove harmful microorganisms with the Sensitive Choice approved Apple-Catechin filter 1: this filter uses the polyphenol ingredient that’s typically found in apples to eliminates and stop the growth of dangerous airborne particles like dust, mould spores and allergens found in the air.

Reduce odours with the Long-Life Ion Deodorisation Filter: this filter uses the oxidising process to mask and remove odorous particles that are in the air, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment.

Personalised Comfort with Human Sensor

Delivering efficient and optimized climate control is the Human Sensor function which provides energy efficient temperature control based on human movement within the room.

After 20 minutes, if the Human Sensor does not detect any movement, it switches the air conditioner to energy saving mode. Only once movement is detected, does the air conditioner revert back to the last cooling or heating setting.

Smart control

The Fujitsu Lifestyle Next air conditioners are smart-enabled, which means that cooling, heating and other functions can be remotely managed via the myanywAiR® Next app on your smart device. Using the myanywAiR® Next app, you can access a range of functions including:

  1. Everyday control of the air conditioner, such as:
    • Set timers
    • Schedule in cooling or heating for different times and days of the week
    • Share the device; share smart control of the air conditioner with family and friends for greater personalisation
    • Add more Fujitsu air conditioner units to the app
  2. Geofencing: the air conditioner uses your location to determine whether or not to power on or off the air conditioner based on your distance to home
  3.  Climate react: this programs the air conditioner so that it turns on automatically once your room goes above or below a set temperature
  4. AI Maintenance Support: using AI, the air conditioner monitors energy usage and provide notifications on the app to remind you to clean your filters etc

Corrosion-Resistant with 5-Year Warranty

All Fujitsu Lifestyle Next air conditioners feature the Blue Fin Heat Exchanger. The air conditioner’s outdoor units are treated by blue fin treatment, designed to be corrosion-resistant, especially in coastal areas with sea salt in the air, ensuring longer-lasting performance. And with a 5-year parts and labour warranty across the range, cool, heat and purify with Fujitsu Lifestyle Next air conditioners with peace of mind.



1 This filter is replaceable.