What You Need To Know About SMART TVs

Do you love to stay up to date on your favourite television show or connect via apps like Skype to chat to family and friends? Then a Smart TV could be a great addition to you home, enriching your life with its endless content and connectivity. However, not all Smart TVs offer the same online services, so here’s the low down on what you need to know about Smart TVs so you can find the right one for your home.


Smart TVs make it easier than ever before to watch what you want, when you want. A Smart TV is a television, which comes with support for internet connectivity and offers a variety of features because of this connectivity. A Smart TV comes with its own operating system and thanks, to its internet connection you can get various apps to check out your social networks, surf the web and stream content without the need of a set-top box.


You can stream a range of online services like Netflix, Stan and YouTube, as well as access apps and play games. Some Smart TVs also come with cameras, so you can even make a Skype call to your friends and family. Also featuring Freeview Plus, you can access great content available on Free-To-Air TV. Not only can you get a full electronic program guide to let know what’s on and when, you can also set reminders so you don’t forget and can easily record your favourite shows and series.


A Smart TV is designed to give you everything you want at your fingertips quickly and simply generally through one remote control. However, some recent Smart TVs come with touchscreens and support for voice commands and motion gestures, so you can control your TV with your voice or movements. If you’ve got a big home entertainment sound system, then you’ll love the fact that a Smart TV can help you access internet radio and music streaming services. It can also easily be connected to other devices including laptops, phones or tablets so you can share content on the big screen.

Smart TVs basically have the equivalent of a computer built into it, giving you a greater number of services, however this also means that manufacturers have the ability to add new features and services through regular updates. The possibilities are surely endless and with time, the list of features should grow further. A combination of a user friendly operating system and one remote control on most Smart TVs make it easy to consume the endless content that will be at your fingertips.


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