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New Tech That Gives You More Freedom

Enjoy freedom of movement with wireless earbuds from Urbanista and expand your creative expression with Panasonic’s Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera.

The advent of new technology has truly revolutionised how we live our lives. Our lifestyles have been improved thanks to a range of amazing tech like wireless audio and intuitive visual storytelling with mirrorless cameras. In this blog, we’ll showcase some of our current favourite gadgets, including Urbanista’s Austin Earbuds and Panasonic’s Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera.

Urbanista’s Austin Wireless Earbuds lets you take your audio with you

Urbanista’s Austin True Wireless Earbuds literally lets you take your favourite audio with you wherever you go. On your commute, on a walk with a podcast, at the gym as you lift weights or taking calls while you grocery shop, it’s all possible! Want to watch a movie at home or play a game without disturbing others? These earbuds will do the trick!

Hours & Hours of Listening

The Austin Earbuds provide hours and hours of listening with up to 20 hours total playtime. Enjoy 5 hours of playtime with the earbuds and since the charging case provides 4x loads of charging, you can enjoy all your audio with a total of 20 hours wireless playtime.

Multi-task with Hands-Free Calls

When time is short, multi-tasking with the Austin is simple! Take and make calls hands-free, have conversations on the go, while you’re doing housework and even from across the room as your phone is charging.

Outdoor Ready

The Urbanista Austin Earbuds come with an IPX4 water resistant rating – meaning it’s protected from splashing water, so sweat and light rain is no issue. Confidently tune into your audio on a run, by the coast or under an umbrella with peace of mind. 

Works with Many Devices

Don’t feel restricted as the Austin Earbuds work with both Apple and Android devices. No longer will you have to pick which smart device to play from when the Austin works with them all.

Touch Controls & Voice Compatible

Play and pause your audio, or easily pick up a call with a simple tap of the earbuds. The Austin Earbuds are also compatible with voice assistants so that you can control your audio and your life with a simple voice command.

Available in Two Gorgeous Colours

The Urbanista Austin Earbuds are available in two gorgeous colours, so there’s one to suit your personal style: Pink Blossomand Skylight Blue.

Visual storytelling is in your hands with Panasonic’s Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera

Confidently bring your vision to life or simply enjoy the joys of snapping on the go with Panasonic’s Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera. The ideal companion that’s compact and travel-friendly, the Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera ensures a fuss-free photography and videography experience.

Plentiful Video Recording Options

If you’re in love with the process of recording moving action, you’ll love the large range of video recording options provided by the Lumix S5II. Record with crystal clarity in 4K resolution with 50p (frames per second). C4K (Cinema 4K) recording is also available with 60p so that you can produce videos that feature a wider aspect ratio, brighter images, and greater detail.

Looking to instantly impress? Record in 6K resolution with 30p for out of this world footage. Alternatively, slow down the pace as you take in 180p with recording in Full HD.

Stunning Photography

The Panasonic Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera features a range of functions which simplifies the photography experience. Capture stunning footage and impressive visuals thanks to the:

  1. Active image stabilisation (I.S.) Technology: document incredibly stable handheld footage without the need for a gimble. The Lumix S5II’s Active I.S. Technology conveniently compensates for camera shake with up to 200% improvement 1.
  2. Phase Hybrid Auto Focus (AF): this is a system that is fast and accurate, with improved subject recognition and tracking, staying focussed even when zooming in – making it perfect for following people, pets and even sports people and racing cars.

Intuitive Controls for Easier Use

As you go about your photography and videography experience, enjoy simpler control with a range of intuitive controls like the dial and button controls and 8-direction joystick. Comfortably work with any angle thanks to the 3” free-angle LCD touchscreen.

Work for Longer

The Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera boasts great heat management so that you can work for longer. Its fan mechanism ensures heat is effectively dispersed so that you can run continuous recording for hours even with high frame rates 2.

Great for all Genres

Enjoy a range of photographic experiences as the Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera works with the Lumix S lens range. Included with the camera is the LUMIX S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 standard camera lens. With its varied focal length between 20-60mm, this lens is ideal for a range of picture genres like landscapes, to wide-angle shots and close-ups.

Ready for Any Weather

Boasting a dust and splash-resistant camera body, the Lumix S5II Mirrorless Camera can be used under almost all types of weather conditions. Don’t feel restricted by wind or a light sprinkle and get on with your creative pursuits.

Instant Sharing

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, the Lumix S5II can be paired up with your smart devices for remote control and wireless image transfer. Straight after the studio shoot, on the go after time in the field or before your flight home, enjoy fast and fuss-free footage sharing, ready for editing and uploading.

Take a Closer Look

However you want to experience life – through the sweet sound of your audio wirelessly with Urbanista, or via capturing precious milestones with Panasonic’s Mirrorless Camera, explore all there is to love about the featured products in the below links.


1 Compared with LUMIX S5. Focal length 20mm, when using S-R2060.
2 The camera may stop recording when used in a temperature that is lower or higher than the recommended operating temperature (0 to 40 degrees). Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 30 minutes in [6K/29.97p] [6K/25.00p] [5.9K/29.97p] [5.9K/25.00p] when Thermal Management mode is set to Standard.