Why Should I Invest in a Heat Pump Dryer?

If you thought drying your clothes was going to cost you money and the Earth, there’s a chance you haven’t heard of Heat Pump Dryers. Perfect for use in winter when you don’t have a lot of sunlight, and great all year round, Heat Pump Dryers are the desired dryer in many homes thanks to their convenience and energy efficiency.

Efficient Drying
Heat Pump Dryers collect warm damp air from your clothes, which is then heated and recirculated to dry your clothes. Any excess damp air is extracted into water that is collected in a ‘tank’.

As the heated air is ‘recycled’ to dry clothes with more gentle and lower temperatures, a Heat Pump Dryer uses less energy and is therefore more efficient and cheaper to run than Vented or Condenser Dryers. Heat Pump Dryers often have high Energy Ratings between 6 to 10 stars.

No Venting Required
Vented Dryers which are the traditional choice, use high temperatures and heated air to dry your clothes with moisture being the result. As such, the moisture must be moved outside, with venting to the dwelling’s exterior required. Seeing as Heat Pump Dryers ‘recycle’ the air with water collected, there is no venting required, making them the ideal choice for all types of homes, including studio apartments, granny flats and small homes.

Our Top Picks

Fisher & Paykel’s 9kg Heat Pump Dryer
The ideal solution for busy and time-poor families, this Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Dryer features auto-sensing technology to dry without under or over drying your clothes, and so protecting them as well. This heat pump dryer features:

  • 23 drying programs including: Hygiene, Activewear, Wool, Silk and Demin
  • Steam Refresh: to de-wrinkle, deodorise and refresh your clothes
  • Wrinkle free option to reduce ironing time
  • Speed mode: when activated reduces the drying time
  • Smart enabled: this dryer can be controlled with your voice via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa home management systems
  • Incredibly efficient 10-Star Energy Rating

Electrolux’s 9kg Heat Pump Dryer
With its spacious drying capacity, this Electrolux Heat Pump Dryer is perfect for coupled households and families with large drying demands. Powered by Advanced SensorDry technology, this dryer measures your clothes’ temperature and humidity to ensure optimal drying times without over-drying. Enjoy drying convenience thanks to:

  • 11 drying programs including: Cotton, Delicate, Mixed Load and Bedding
  • Woolmark Blue Certified Woollen cycle: perfect for precious woollen garments like knitwear and scarves
  • Wi-Fi enabled: monitor and control the dryer from your mobile device with the Electrolux Life app
  • Refresh cycle: ideal for refreshing a small load of garments that were in storage
  • Efficient 7-Star Energy Rating

Samsung’s 8kg Heat Pump Dryer
The pursuit of an effortless laundry day can be achieved with Samsung’s 8kg Heat Pump Dryer. A great match for growing families, this AI-powered dryer ensures drying is as intelligent as possible. Samsung’s Heat Pump Dryer boasts:

  • Intelligent AI Dry system: using 8 built-in sensors, this dryer measures the temperature and humidity of the clothes to optimise drying conditions and time
  • 14 drying programs including: Outdoor, Wool, Bedding, Delicates/Hand Wash and Quick Dry 35 Minutes
  • Wrinkle Prevent: this function prevents garments from sitting in one place after drying, reducing creases on the fabric
  • AI & App Control: thanks to AI technology, the dryer remembers your selection to suggest cycles, display information and choose the optimal drying cycle for your load. Using the SmartThings app 1 on your smart device, you can control drying remotely, see advice, plan ahead and troubleshoot.
  • Highly efficient 9-Star Energy Rating

1 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Mobile GUI images may vary by country, environment, etc.

Beko 8kg Heat Pump Dryer
If you’re after a fuss-free drying experience, you can’t look past this Beko 8kg Heat Pump Dryer. Ideal for use for all your drying needs, this Heat Pump Dryer is great for families thanks to its kid-friendly functions and features. Enjoy easy drying daily with:

  • OptiSense® Sensor Drying technology: which optimises drying cycle and time based on the humidity and temperature
  • 15 drying programs including: Wool Refresh, Mixed, Jeans, Bedding & Blanket and Quick 14 Minutes
  • AquaWave® wave-like drum design: promotes gentle drying motion on your clothes to protect them
  • Family friendly: the BabyProtect+® program with deep sterilisation is perfect for baby clothes, the dryer also has a child lock and child lock indicator
  • Efficient 6-Star Energy Rating

Heat Pump Dryers – there’s so much to love about them. Every time you dry your laundry load, have peace of mind, and enjoy perfectly dried results, garment protection, dedicated functions, and energy efficient operation. No matter how unique your laundry needs are, there’s a Heat Pump Dryer to suit your garments, lifestyle and budget. Click on the links below to view more information on the featured dryers or to view our Heat Pump Dryers.


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