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Life’s too short to spend it on doing laundry. No matter how large your family’s laundry load or how small your laundry space is, our Laundry Buying Guide has a solution for all your laundry needs with. Find out which washing machine or dryer is best suited to your needs so you can spend more time on the important things like time with family and friends.

How do I choose the right washing machine for my washing needs?
Selecting the right washing machine depends on a number of factors, for example; the number of people in your household, how often you do your washing, the types of garments you wash and if you need to target specific issues like allergies or your time-poor schedule. The space of your laundry is also important to consider if a top load or front load washing machine will suit you.

Which capacity type should I go for?
If you live in a single or coupled household of 1 to 2 people, a washing machine with 5-7kg capacity would suffice. If you’re a large family of 3-4 people, then a washing machine with a 7-9kg capacity will work wonders. If your household is home to over 5 people or perhaps you wash often with a bigger load, then a washing machine with a 10kg capacity and above is the perfect one for you.

What type of laundry functions should I look out for?
There are numerous laundry functions to help make washing and drying your laundry easier! Some of the popular functions include:

  • Quick Wash: washes your laundry load in a shorter amount of time, anywhere between 15 minutes to 40 minutes.
  • Eco Wash: wash effectively while reducing your energy and water consumption with an economical wash cycle.
  • Anti-Crease & Wrinkle: wash and reduce the need to iron with anti-crease and anti-wrinkle functions.
  • Auto Dosing: load your washing, fill the detergent dispenser and let the washing machine do the guess work. By using sensors, the washing machine can detect how much detergent the wash needs.
  • Delay Start: need the washing or drying to start at a particular time? Simply load your load, then set how many hours later you need the cycle to start and the machine will do so. Generally, delay start will let you load up to 24 hours ahead.
  • Add Items: whether you forgot an item or a sock fell from the load, washing machines that have a pause option or door pocket for adding items will be a lifesaver. Now you don’t have to wait for the next wash.
  • Smart Control: connected to the Wi-Fi, the washing machine or dryer can be monitored and controlled via an app on your smart device.

How do I choose the right dryer for my drying needs?
Finding the best dryer depends on a host of factors such as the drying capacity you require, your laundry’s space, the type of venting required, if any and other considerations such as if you need a quick drying option or drying to meet the needs of those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Can I have a washing machine and dryer in my apartment?
Depending on the size of your laundry, you could have your washing machine and dryer next to each other or they could be stacked if the height allows it, ensuring the controls are still within your reach. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or a granny flat, a combined washer dryer combo will be ideal.

Quick Tip – Create zones in your laundry space that will make laundry day more efficient. Have a ‘dirty’ zone, a ‘clean’ zone and a workspace. Use labelled baskets and clever hooks that you can get at your local homewares store.

Top load or front load, a vented or heat pump dryer, or maybe a washer dryer combo? Whatever your laundry requirements, confidently view, compare and find the best appliance for your home. To help with your buying journey, click on the link below to see current laundry models, read consumer reviews and find them at your local retailer!
Happy washing!

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