3 Ways to Reduce your Environmental Impact

Slowing down the effects of climate change starts with you, and it’s easier than ever thanks to leading technologies. Now, you can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure your home is environmentally-friendly with a range of efficient appliances. To help you reduce your usage around the home, we’ve collated some tips and tricks that are shared below:

Sized to Suit
Buying the right model or appliance size best suited to your needs will do wonders. A fridge or oven that is fit for the number of people in your home and your usage means you’ll only consume and pay for what you use – as opposed to paying for excess unused energy. On the flip-side, if the appliance is right for your household, you wouldn’t have to waste time, money and resources to upgrade in the future.

Our top picks:

  • Haier 565L Quad Door Fridge: perfect for growing families, this spacious quad door fridge has space for storing everyone’s food and treats. Powered by Fresher Techs® fridge technology, this fridge has been designed to preserve your food’s favour, taste and quality for longer lasting freshness – meaning you’ll reduce food waste in your home.
  • Miele 60cm Built-In Pyrolytic Oven: whether you’re a home cook, enjoy baking or need to feed a crowd, this 76L pyrolytic oven combines quality with cooking convenience. Select from 7 cooking functions and effortlessly clean up with 3 pyrolytic cleaning programs. Crafted with German technology and experience, this Miele oven will last you through years of cooking.

Observe Star Ratings
When you’re purchasing a new appliance, have a look at the product’s star rating. Whether your concern is reducing your energy or water consumption or perhaps both, a star rating will show how efficient the appliance is.

An Energy star rating will show how efficient the energy usage is, while the WELS rating will indicate the product’s water efficiency. Most star ratings go up to 5 stars, with a higher number indicating improved efficiency. Certain products such as clothes dryers have a higher Energy rating threshold, with up to 10 stars available.

Our top picks:

Reducing your usage around the home is so easy:

Choose Efficient Programs
Selecting an appliance or program that features reduced usage is a great way to reduce consumption. Almost all of today’s appliances feature an environmentally-friendly program, also known as ‘eco’ mode. When in operation, the eco program will use less power and/or water than traditional programs. It’s also worth noting automatic shut-off functions and power-saving modes which ensures the appliance uses reduced power when not in use.

Our top picks:

Every action you take counts when it comes to reducing your environmental impact. By this point, you may already be on your sustainable journey or you’re making small changes to get there. From investing in an efficient fridge or washing machine, to something more manageable like recycling, reducing your everyday impact on the environment is simple! To find out more ways to reduce your usage around the home, click on the link below.


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