AEG Washer Technology

AEG’s latest range of washing machines combines consumer insight and state of the art technology to create a whole new washing experience. These technologies give you so much more versatility when it comes to doing your laundry, and means that every one of your garments is always treated gently and cared for. Even the most delicate items can be washed with peace of mind.

ProSense Technology

ProSense Technology that goes into AEG washers uses intelligent sensors to optimise the wash cycle within 30 seconds of it commencing. This adjusts the cycle to use only enough water and energy as is necessary – no more, no less. Whether you need to wash the whole family’s wardrobe, or only a few shirts, ProSense makes each wash as efficient as possible. Not only does this mean less strain on your garments, but they’ll look better for longer.

OKOMix Technology

The advanced OKOMix technology is designed to blend detergents with water before they come into contact with your clothes, optimising the detergent’s performance and enabling each fabric to enjoy the perfect mix of detergent. This protects your clothes from receiving too much direct detergent and prevents detergent stains from occurring.

Steam Refresh

Steam Refresh is an innovative function which allows you to refresh your clothes without the need for water or detergent, greatly reducing the stress and wear on your garments. This means your garments will maintain their colours and textures for much longer, increasing their lifespan.

Advance Wash Technology

This technology employs a unique continuous shower system which ensures that every article in the drum is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, even if it’s a full load.

Inverter Motor

The inverter motor in AEG washers is the same as those found in professional machines, except specially designed to treat laundry with care. The inverter system prolongs the lifespan of the motor and keeps it running quietly, giving you both peace-of-mind and a peaceful home.

AEG has developed these technologies so that your clothes are treated with the greatest of care, allowing them to always look their best and to greatly prolong their lifespan. Not only that, but these technologies make your washer run efficiently and saves on water and power.

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