How to Hygienically Wash Your Clothes

Every household’s laundry needs will differ. What is increasingly common amongst many homes is the need to hygienically wash clothes, as well as the ability to remove bacteria, germs and other harmful pathogens. Washing your laundry hygienically is ideal for washing towels, baby clothes and face masks. Hygienic washing is helpful if you have sick or vulnerable family members or maybe you work in high-risk areas like hospitals, medical centres and gyms.

Did you know? That washing clothes ‘normally’ might not always remove germs and harmful pathogens that cause illness. More so, the dangerous microscopic organisms may hang around in the washing machine’s drum, waiting to infect your next laundry load.

An eco-friendly and energy-saving wash which uses cold water with temperatures between
30°C – 40°C are not effective at removing pathogens. Many scientific studies have shown that washing with water temperatures of 60°C and higher, which is considered hot water, will effectively kill pathogens.

So how do you ensure your laundry is washed hygienically? Below are some easy ways to maximise the hygiene in your laundry:

  • Set your wash cycle to higher temperatures (60°C and higher)
  • Choose speciality wash programs if applicable, such as ‘hygiene’, ‘allergy’ or ‘baby care’
  • Dry your laundry with high temperatures in the dryer
  • If you dry your laundry on the line, ensure they’re dried outside and where the sun hits to take advantage of the sun’s sanitising properties

Aside from washing your laundry hygienically, it’s also vital to maintain your washing machine. To do so, make sure you run a wash cycle with bleach to remove germs that might have hung onto the tub or drum.

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To help you hygienically wash your laundry, check out some washing machines that will make that possible. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, then you’re also in the right place!

LG 14kg Top Load Washing Machine
An onboard heater helps the wash cycle remove stains and prevents allergens from staying on your clothes. Choose from 12 wash programs to clean hygienically such as Allergy Care, Towels and Stain Care. The dedicated Tub Clean feature also means you can keep the washing machine in top shape.

Samsung 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine
Find a wash cycle to suit all your washing needs, some of the programs include: Delicates, Bedding and Baby Care. For removing in-built stains, the Super Clean cycle provides an enhanced and high-performing clean.

Beko 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine
This front load washing machine boasts 15 wash programs to meet all your hygienic cleaning needs like Anti-Allergy and Pet Hair Removal Function. The StainExpert™ Program targets up to 24 types of stains.

Haier 10kg Front Load Washing Machine
Enjoy laundry flexibility with 16 wash programs to choose from such as Bedding, Towels and Allergen. This large capacity washing machine also features an Anti-Bacterial Treated (ABT) door which helps prevents bacteria and mould from appearing on the door’s seal.

For more great tips on how to wash your laundry, click here to view our garment care guide.

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