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Calling All Coffee Lovers: You Don’t Need Your Barista When You’ve Got De’Longhi’s Rivelia

Whatever your reason, if it’s time you ventured on your own coffee making adventure at home, De’Longhi’s Rivelia will be your new best friend!

Rivelia is De’Longhi’s newest range of compact and colourful automatic coffee machines, delivering an effortless coffee creation experience at home. With its fuss-free operation that actually doesn’t need your manual input, you can go from “I need a coffee” to cradling a hot cuppa in just a few minutes – that’s less the time it takes to step out the door! Isn’t it time you said goodbye to your barista?

Automatic Operation Means You Barely Have to Do Anything

De’Longhi’s Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machine is totally automatic, meaning there’s no need for grinding coffee beans separately, tampering coffee into the portafilter and then fumbling around with the brew/group head before coffee even reaches your glass.

With Rivelia, the actual coffee-making process is done for you. As long as the water tank, coffee hopper and milk tank (optional for milk varieties) are full, all you have to do is choose the coffee you want on the colour touch screen and away the machine goes!

It’s a People Pleaser: Fit for Households of One or Many

The De’Longhi Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machine will cater to all coffee drinkers with its 16 customisable recipes. In the middle of winter with a hot milky blend or a cold brew for instant refreshment during summer, Rivelia is an all year, all-rounder with drink varieties including:

  • Espresso
  • Flat White
  • Cappuccino
  • Cold Coffee
  • Cold Americano

Stores 4 personal profiles: if your afternoon brew differs from your morning one or maybe there’s a few coffee drinkers in your household, easily customise recipes, save up to 4 with your very own name and quickly access them when it suits with a touch of a button

Bean Switch System with Swappable Hoppers for Greater Variety

The De’Longhi Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machine employs the unique Bean Switch System which boasts a set of 2x interchangeable bean hoppers. What this means is that two different types of coffee beans can be stored and used when required. Store an Italian blend in one hopper and maybe Asian or African coffee beans in the other and simply twist and swap as you please!

Craft a coffee to your liking and then meet theirs too with the convenient Bean Switch System from De’Longhi.

Bean Adapt Technology Optimises for More Flavour

But first, what is Bean Adapt Technology? It’s an intelligent technology that helps to optimise your coffee by ‘reading’ the beans before adapting the grind, dose and brewing temperatures to suit your coffee brew. All this happens with the integrated grinder before your coffee is crafted by the De’Longhi Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machine.


Sleek Colour Touch Control

Picture this: you roll out of bed, stroll over to the De’Longhi Rivelia, power it up, swipe and tap your preferred drink and it’s done, ready and waiting for you by the time you’ve finished brushing your teeth.

Yes, it’s that easy! Thanks to the machine’s top 3.5” colour touch control panel – just swipe and tap to scroll through coffee options and take your pick. The control panel even displays colourful animations and playful prompts, providing easy guided control over the whole process.

Elegantly Compact

Rivelia’s compact and elegant design makes it great for use in many areas  – from the kitchen to the built-in tea and coffee station, or in your home office, wherever you want to make coffee, the De’Longhi Rivelia will sure fit!

Available in 3 amazing colours, the De’Longhi Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machine will meet the needs of all personal styles and kitchen aesthetics:

  • Onyx Black
  • Pebble Grey
  • Arctic White

Discover More About De’Longhi’s Rivelia

Whether you’re gift shopping, updating your old coffee machine or exploring different ways to enjoy coffee at home, there’s so much to adore about De’Longhi’s latest Rivelia Automatic Coffee Machines.

Automated yet optimising all different types of brews, with interchangeable hoppers for greater coffee variety, intuitive touch controls and both hot and cold coffees to choose from, Rivelia will be popular in any home. See it in person in the below video and click on each product tile to find out more, add it to your wish list, and find them at your preferred retailer!