Evolution of the Kitchen

We have seen the nature of our kitchens change greatly in recent times. The kitchen has evolved from being purely utilitarian – an unattractive place, hidden out of sight – to become a new focal point for people to gather. Part of what has contributed to this change has been the changing layout of our homes. No longer are kitchens small and uninviting, tucked into a corner of the house. But now large, open plan kitchens have become popular. Kitchens are now no longer solely for cooking and have become an integral part of the modern home. These changes have made the kitchen popular for entertaining. The easy flow between kitchen and living room makes entertaining in the kitchen a good choice. Not only do modern kitchens offer more space, but more in the way of features like multifunctional islands and technologies like Smart Fridges and wine or beverage fridges.

A wine or beverage refrigerator is a great way to provide extra storage space for your drinks. They also add an extra wow factor to your home and make it super convenient for you and your guests. Plus, the wine connoisseurs out there will appreciate the superb conditions wine fridges provide for wine. Modern wine cabinets do all the work for you and getting the perfect glass of wine is easy, read our Beginner’s Guide to Wine Storage for my info here.

Modern kitchens have also become very space efficient by incorporating clever storage solutions and space saving tactics. Fully integrated fridges and dishwashers blend flawlessly with the rest of your kitchen and look stunning. More kitchens also feature handleless appliances and cabinetry. Together with sleek built-in ovens, compact ovens, and flat induction cooktops like the HKH81700XB from AEG have made kitchens look seamless, save lots of space, and with less crevices for dirt to hide have become much easier to keep clean.

We have also seen the emergence of space saving 2-in-1 cooktops, such as the Siemens EX875LX34E which incorporates a ventilation system directly into the cooktop to save space. The latest refrigerators are now providing unique and innovative solutions, such as the GF5D712BSL French Door Fridge from LG. This Dual Door-in-Door fridge offers two sets of layered doors to maximise storage space and reduces cold air loss.

Then there’s the Family Hub fridge from Samsung which lets you see through the door to see what’s inside without having to open the door. It also enables you to do your shopping in your own kitchen and has a range of other features like personalisations, music and voice control.

Changes in our attitudes towards healthier eating have also been reflected in the kitchen. Ovens equipped with steam cooking functions are now in many kitchens to provide a simple way to get home cooked steamed food. Many kitchens now also have vacuum bag sealers like the Sunbeam VS1300. Vacuum sealing has heaps of benefits including prolonging the life of food, adding extra flavour, organisation, and much more. To find out more check out our 10 Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Food article.

Future Trends

In the future we can expect to see our kitchens decked out with more and more technology. Smart Kitchens will eventually become the norm, with every appliance connected within an integrated kitchen. From refrigerators that will tell you when your eggs are going bad and can do your shopping for you, to controlling everything from your smartphone and ovens that can essentially cook an entire meal for you.

Kitchens will also continue to become more streamlined, with a greater focus on open space and clever storage. With an ever-greater focus on being environmentally friendly, we can also expect appliances to continue to become more efficient in energy and water usage. We may also see the rise of compact hydroponic garden systems, where you can easily grow vegetables in your home and harvest them yourself.

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