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With the wide range of different types of clothing and fabrics that we wear and use, as well as some of the sticky situations we get ourselves into, it can be difficult to clean and dry our laundry effectively and safely without damaging any fabrics. Thankfully, modern laundry appliances come with a range specialised programs, designed for every need. It’s important to know which programs your appliance comes with and how they work, so that you can use them effectively and get the most out of your washer and dryer.

Denim keeps your jeans looking great and reduces the risk of detergent stains or streaks without fading the colour.

Time Delay – One of our favourite features of washing machines! This handy feature allows you to start delay your cycle, so you can wash at off peak times (week days when you’re at work and overnight) so all you have to worry about is coming home or waking up to clean washing!

Wool/Silk program is the perfect way to give you peace of mind when washing delicate silk or wool garments. Avoid felting or shrinking. Many modern machines are even capable of safely washing ‘hand wash only’ garments.

Eco or green program is an environmentally friendly option where energy and water usage are reduced while results remain the same. The trade-off is the overall cycle will take longer.

Delicates – for treating delicate items such as blouses and embroidered items with care.

Mixed – allows you to safely treat different materials such as synthetic and natural in the same cycle.

Hygiene is a program designed for situations were a deep hygienic clean is needed, such as for a chef’s apron or kitchen tea towels. It’s also a beneficial option for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Bedding uses lower temperatures so materials such as down keep their fibres intact.

Heavy is for those extra dirty loads; the heavy program gives the load an extra thorough wash.

Proofing or conditioning for warm or thermal clothing like jackets which need to maintain their insulation.

Being familiar with all your laundry programs is important if you want to always get the best results from your appliances. This is because each cycle is designed to perform a specific function and act in a specific way. The right program will also make sure that each piece will be treated with the right amount of care, ensuring a long and happy life for all of your fabrics!

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