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Put to the test: Remington’s ONE Dry & Style Hair Dryer

The days of over-drying and styling your hair with extreme, damaging heat is over with the Remington ONE Dry and Style Hair Dryer.

An easy, confidence booster for your getting-ready routine, Remington’s ONE Dry and Style Hair Dryer takes the difficulties out of drying and styling hair. With a range of included attachments, any look is easy to create in minutes. This hair dryer is put to the test by Claire from @vanlifestraya , see her review below:

I’ve been wanting a new hair dryer for a long time because honestly, I haven’t owned one for a couple of years now. Being a mum, I don’t go out too much these days, so whenever I do go out, I just go out with wet hair.

When I got the new Remington ONE Dry and Style Hair Dryer, I was actually really excited because being able to care for my hair and actually do it up is a real treat for me.

The Remington ONE Dry and Style Hair Dryer comes with four styling attachments, which includes a Slim Styling Concentrator, a Flyaway Tamer, a Gentle Drying Diffuser and a Curl Defining Diffuser. This is great as it means I can achieve pretty much any look I want with just this one hair dryer – perfect since we live in a caravan, and I’ve got limited storage space.

I have loads of hair and one thing I’ve noticed about this hair dryer is how quickly it dries my hair without it being scolding hot. The hair dryer is said to have air speeds of up to 120km/hr, so I can quickly dry, style then dash out the door!

This Remington hair dryer is also really light, which again is a huge bonus for me, as due to my volume of hair my arm sometimes gets sore – but not with this hair dryer, so that’s a win for me!

When I’m not drying or styling my hair with this hair dryer, I can neatly store it away with the included storage bag. And with a long 3-year warranty, I can style my hair and my boys’ locks for longer and know I’m covered for any breakdowns or defects.

There you have it! Claire’s review of the Remington ONE Dry and Style Hair Dryer. Follow Claire on Instagram @vanlifestraya for more health and lifestyle content and @nationalproductreview to get all the latest product drops, giveaways and more!