Handy Tips To Keep You Warm This Winter


With a wide range of different heating appliances on the market it can be hard to decide which is the best for you.

When you’re in the market for a heater, there are two main types of heaters on the market; electric and gas. Both of these come in a range of variations to suit your lifestyle.

Gas heaters

These are ideal for larger areas, and tend to be more cost efficient when used over longer periods of time. Gas heaters tend to come as either radiant or convection. Generally speaking, radiant heaters are best for small spaces or spot heating, and convection for larger areas.

Electric heaters

These are usually cheaper compared to gas heaters, are more portable, and are ideal for heating smaller spaces. Some of the most common varieties are fan, radiant, and convection.

Fan heaters are lightweight, and are effective for sending direct warmth into your room. Radiant heaters reflect and radiate heat and are generally inexpensive, but are predominantly more ideal for larger areas, such as lounge rooms. Convection heaters are also a great option for larger areas as compared with other electric heaters as they heat your room evenly, however are sometimes more expensive than other electric heating options.

Keep the heat in

Along with choosing the right heater, it’s important to ensure the rest of your home is maximised for heat retention. Make sure your home has been properly insulated – many homes lose huge amounts of heat not only through windows but through the roof. This may take some investment but in the long run this will save you a lot on energy bills. Also, remember to keep the spaces in front of your heaters clear so the heat can circulate throughout your room.

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