Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Energy bills add unwanted strain on your budget. With prices continuing to rise, it’s important to ensure that your household is running as efficiently as possible. We’ve put together a few tips to help reduce your energy bills, and the environment.

1. Lighting

If you’re using the old style incandescent light bulbs, it’s time to update to LED bulbs because you’re throwing money away! These old light bulbs actually waste 90% of the energy they use, so you’re generating the same amount of light as LED bulbs, however it is costing you double the amount. Instead, find some energy efficient bulbs such as LED or compact fluorescent lights to replace your old ones with.

2. Light Switches

A dimmer switch is a great way to reduce your lighting costs, plus it has the added benefit of creating an ambient mood lighting. Not only that, in the long run using dimmer lighting can prolong the life of your bulbs.

3. Energy and Water Ratings

The energy and water rating labels on appliances indicate how much energy and water the product uses compared to others on the market. The higher the rating means the more energy efficient the product is. Selecting energy efficient appliances can not only reduce harm to the environment, however you will find it will significantly reduce your energy bills, and who doesn’t love that!

4. Appliances

Always be conscious of the energy efficiency of the appliances you buy. Energy efficiency star ratings make it easy to determine which appliances are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

5. Mother Nature

Try to use mother nature to your advantage as much as possible. Avoid using your dryer whenever you can and let the sun dry your laundry for you. In the warmer months, you can cut down air conditioning costs by closing curtains and blinds to prevent sunlight from warming your home. Conversely, in winter try to allow as much sunlight in as possible.

6. Be Environmentally Friendly

Overall it’s important to get into an environmentally conscious mindset and lifestyle. Your energy bill is tightly linked with your effect on the environment. Try to get into the habit of being aware of how much energy your actions and your household use. Don’t forget that energy costs are greater during peak usage times, so if possible try to use your major appliances during off-peak times.

7. Phantom Loads

Many devices (Blu-rays, TVs, hairdryers) turned off or on standby still use electricity. To avoid this, switch off or unplug your appliances at the power outlet.

8. Hot Water

Heating up water can use huge amounts of power, be mindful of your hot water use. Set your hot water system to a lower temperature and try for a cold-water washer; results between warm and cold water washing are minimal.

OUR TIP: Always try and switch lights off when you leave a room. It’s a great habit to get in to, and your hip pocket will also be thankful!

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